Why we do it

It's all about people. We love people. We like to make them happy. To laugh, to think, to cry, and then to laugh again. We've been in the entertainment business all of our lives: making radio shows, putting on live events, hosting parties, creating theatre and performing comedy. We know what audiences like. Take a look at our brand values:

Pause for thought...


We are passionate about what we do and want to share it with as many people as possible. We want our audiences to be passionate about us. 


We want our audiences to really enjoy themselves and go away feeling uplifted and excited about life.


The quality of our work and business is backed up by years of experience in the arts, digital and education. We will work with only the best partners to ensure our work remains of the highest quality.


We are committed to our audiences. We work hard to provide the best, most relevant experiences for them and trust that they will appreciate our efforts and unique approach.