what do our public think of us?

Marianne and I would like to heartily thank you for your performance at our party last Saturday. We have been anticipating the heights to which your presence would have taken our celebrations and we were right or perhaps underestimated the effect which you had. We both enjoyed our party so completely because of you and we shall remain very grateful as we look back in great fondness on this evening.
— Simon Collins [Ruby Wedding Anniversary]
Simon with his son-in-laws

Simon with his son-in-laws

Couldn’t be happier to be picked on…

Couldn’t be happier to be picked on…

Your incredible talent, sense of humour and timing gave us a wonderful evening of non-stop laughter.

— Carole Payne
I laughed like a crazy person
— Bev Caner
Watched you both at Kimble Village Hall last Saturday evening; fantastic entertainment, I haven’t laughed so much in ages.
— Rod and Sue Lavers, Chinnor, Oxon
I can think of lots of friends who will enjoy your show. I hadn’t laughed so much in a long time!
— Karen and Nigel Springthorpe
Victor and Albert have visited our village twice, first as part of a rural touring scheme and, more recently, on our own account – we invited them back to perform as they were such a hit the first time. I’ve dealt with Roly and Tim [AKA Victor and Albert] on both occasions and found them to be delightful, polite and very professional. They arrived well in advance of the performance to set up and do thorough technical checks, leaving plenty of time to get ready, putting us all at ease. They even helped with putting out the chairs and clearing up at the end of the evening.

The quality of Victor and Albert’s performance is of the utmost professionalism in comedy, music and even some magic. Their quick-witted warmth and audience interaction charmed everyone, and no one felt left out. We were all very touched that they’d gone the extra mile and researched our village – many of the jokes contained references to Weedon events, making us feel really special. The evening was full of laughter and audience engagement.

We’re hoping to invite them back again soon with a new show, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other venues. They’ll give you a night to remember.
— Joanna Rose, Chair of Trustees, The Old Schoolroom Management Committee, Weedon, Bucks
It’s always the quiet ones… [Weedon Villagers]

It’s always the quiet ones… [Weedon Villagers]

We all agreed we hadn’t laughed so much in years…
— Kate Frost
Albert always finds time for a quick selfie…

Albert always finds time for a quick selfie…

Thank you for a superb evening last night. I think that the repeated encore calls showed you how much everyone enjoyed it. A real treat to spend the evening laughing with abandon!’
— Lisa Sanderson, Frieth, Bucks
I absorbed much merriment in being singled out at Great Hampden Village Hall yesterday evening.

— Sandra Smith, Great Hampden
I have not seen my other half, Andrew - who is a big fan of anything in the Carry-On, double-entendre, Armstrong & Miller-type Flanders & Swann parody, genre - laugh out loud so much in a long time, and we have paid considerably more cash for less-entertaining ‘big’-name performances!’
— Kate, Kimpton
‘We loved the show, it was a great evening and just so funny.’
— Ellie, Kimpton
Nobody is safe during our ‘Theatre’ spot…

Nobody is safe during our ‘Theatre’ spot…

Your show was an absolute outrage and has brought nothing but disgrace upon our village. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
— Doug Jenner
I wasn’t just her speech that was blurred…

I wasn’t just her speech that was blurred…

My cheeks are still aching!
— Jo, Lemsford Village

I have spoken to a number of villagers since who found the performance both arousing and invigorating – and that was just the men!
— Darren
I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a breath of fresh air. More please.
— Dianne
Thank you so much for an evening full of laughter, it was so much fun, and lovely to see so many people from the community laughing together.’
— Coral, Peter's Green
They enjoy this too much methinks…

They enjoy this too much methinks…

I’ve paid considerably more and laughed a lot less!
— Martin Randle