People love Victor & Albert

Thank you for a superb evening last night. I think that the repeated encore calls showed you how much everyone enjoyed it. A real treat to spend the evening laughing with abandon!’
— Lisa Sanderson, Frieth, Bucks
Watched you both at Kimble Village Hall last Saturday evening; fantastic entertainment, I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

— Rod and Sue Lavers, Chinnor, Oxon
I can think of lots of friends who will enjoy your show. I hadn’t laughed so much in a long time!
— Karen and Nigel Springthorpe
Your incredible talent, sense of humour and timing gave us a wonderful evening of non-stop laughter.

— Carole Payne
I laughed like a crazy person
— Bev Caner
I absorbed much merriment in being singled out at Great Hampden Village Hall yesterday evening.

— Sandra Smith, Great Hampden
We all agreed we hadn’t laughed so much in years…
— Kate Frost
‘We loved the show, it was a great evening and just so funny.’
— Ellie, Kimpton
I have not seen my other half, Andrew - who is a big fan of anything in the Carry-On, double-entendre, Armstrong & Miller-type Flanders & Swann parody, genre - laugh out loud so much in a long time, and we have paid considerably more cash for less-entertaining ‘big’-name performances!’
— Kate, Kimpton
My cheeks are still aching!
— Jo, Lemsford Village
Your show was an absolute outrage and has brought nothing but disgrace upon our village. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
— Doug Jenner
Thank you so much for an evening full of laughter, it was so much fun, and lovely to see so many people from the community laughing together.’
— Coral, Peter's Green
I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a breath of fresh air. More please.
— Dianne

I have spoken to a number of villagers since who found the performance both arousing and invigorating – and that was just the men!
— Darren
I’ve paid considerably more and laughed a lot less!
— Martin Randel, Melbourn